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At the Walker Law Group, L.L.C., we are problem solvers. We help eliminate fear and keep stressful situations simple for our clients. Let our experience support you and your family, whatever your need is. You will be surprised at the options you have and how simple it can be.


Estate Planning is somewhat like medicine. While there are traditional, tried and true ways to plan your estate, less common solutions often offer you better benefits. Your options – like many things in life – depend on your situation. Without proper planning in place, you can lose complete control of all your assets in an instant…and leave your family with costly expenses. Not a pleasant thought, is it? Proper estate planning gives you maximum control. You get to play by your own rule book instead of falling victim to Louisiana’s strict regulations.


Do you or someone you know have a loved one in a nursing home? Are rising nursing home costs threatening to wipe out your life savings and family’s assets? You need to read this: Don’t be surprised if what you’ve heard about the government’s best-kept secret for covering the costs of nursing home care is wrong. Regardless of your current situation, you or a loved one can qualify for long term care benefits. You can arrange your affairs in a way that allows you to protect your assets and have most, if not all of your nursing home expenses paid for.


We at the Walker Law Group, L.L.C. understand that dealing with the death of a loved one is stressful. Probate is unpredictable and there are many steps involved. Contact us to meet our probate department to ensure all the legal burdens are assumed by us. During this sad time, let our experienced team support you and your family.


Retirement accounts remain most people’s most valuable asset. As such, they remain a target for creditors and predators, which can include those who win a lawsuit against you and even your family members. To make matters worse, a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision affirmed that a retirement account inherited by an individual has no protection from creditors. However, there is good news. Recent changes in the way the IRS governs minimum required distributions make it easier to spread your wealth to subsequent generations while providing protection for the inherited retirement account.